Bound Ticketing

The fan-favorite ticketing solution - designed by ADs, for ADs.

A gif, including an in-app walkthrough of the ticket buying process, along with a still image of a Bound credit card reader.

Integrated into your schedule.

Fans can be finicky. Make life easier for everyone involved by putting ticketing where it belongs - your activity schedule.

Communicate to home and visiting fans, automatically.


Shout your ticketing from the rooftops with our in-house outreach tools.  


  • In-app notifications
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Twitter (X) posts
  • Facebook posts
An image of various ticketing notifications that can be sent publicly using the Bound platform.
An animated graphic of business metrics and charts, with a happy individual crossing their arms in approval.

Box Office reporting designed with you in mind.


Gain better insights into your school's ticketing data.


  • Event Attendance Tracking
  • Itemized Reporting (Tickets, Passes, Cash, Method, Sold vs. Attended...)
  • Comp Tickets and Passes
  • Real-Time Activity Log
  • Passcodes and more!
A photo taken from a low angle, showing the knees and below of people in a long line waiting to get into an event.
Goodbye Cash Lines. 
Hello One-Tap. 
A close-up photo of someone scanning tickets on another individual's phone.
A graphic of activity passes in the Bound app.

Paper passes are a thing of the past. 


Schools use Bound to accommodate all of their pass options.


  • Standard Activity Passes
  • Punch Passes
  • Booster Passes
  • Complimentary Passes and more.

Get started with the fan-favorite ticketing solution today.