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Welcome to your High School Sports Headquarters. Bound is the all-in-one software partner that brings communities together around the high school activities program.

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Scott Garvis, former AD and industry leader at Bound, demonstrates effective leadership as the center point of a graphic displaying the Bound product.

Lead More. Manage Less.

Our guarantee is to streamline your entire athletic department.

We provide the technology, tools, and team necessary to help you lead a successful program.


OneSchedule® For Everything. 

We know you host events, not just games.

Bound's event-based scheduling is a game-changer.


  • One click to schedule lower level competitions
  • School, conference, and tournament level scheduling
  • Transportation, worker, and facility management
  • Updates in real time on the public app and web
  • Scheduling changes reflected on all participants' schedules
  • Electronic game contracts, officials, and more

This image shows an AD using the Bound system on their computer at their desk.

Run Your Program.

Make People Happy.


Consolidate your efforts with the most connected platform there is.

One system for you. One place for your community.



Leverage the Power of

One Place for Fans

Give your fans and families a consistent experience for everything at your school. 

One System for You

Build and manage your athletic program from one system - built by ADs, for ADs.

One Community

Put page views back in your pocket. Your community buy-in presents value to local sponsors, advertisers, and donors.

Bound is Built by ADs, for ADs.

Headshot of former AD and Bound Director, Brian Petersen.
“I work for Bound because I believe in their mission to enhance the lives of athletic directors, coaches, student-athletes, and fans, ultimately striving to elevate the overall experience of educational athletics.”
Brian Petersen
Bound Director | Former AD
Headshot of former AD and Bound Director, Scott Garvis.
“I believe in empowering athletic administrators to lead with positive impact and influence. Bound provides the platform and freedom to focus on guiding coaches and student-athletes to success. Lead more, manage less!”
Scott Garvis CMAA
Bound AD in Residence | Former AD
Headshot of former AD assistant and current Bound Customer Success Team leader, Patty Calderwood.
“My goal is to help schools achieve their greatest potential by guiding them toward success with the Bound system.”
Patty Calderwood
Bound Success Team | Former AD Asst.
Headshot of former AD and current Bound Director, Aaron Stecker.
“I believe in the leadership power of the athletic administrator and their ability to impact and influence a school community. I love that the Bound platform allows me to give them more time and freedom to do what they do best...lead their coaches and student-athletes!”
Aaron Stecker
Bound Director | Former AD
Headshot of former AD and currect Bound Director, Mark Gunderson.
“Knowing the immensity and importance of the service that ADs provide for their coaches, athletes, and school system, I am privileged to help ADs with our Bound service that enhances opportunities for everyone connected to their school.”
Mark Gunderson
Bound Director | Former AD
Headshot of former AD and current Bound Director, Todd Gordon.
“I love helping ADs and assistants maximize their use of the Bound system to make life a little less chaotic.”
Todd Gordon
Bound Director | Former AD
Headshot of former AD and current Bound Director, Joey Struwe.
“I enjoy being surrounded by people who are dedicated to helping athletic directors become better leaders for their schools!”
Joey Struwe
Bound Director | Former AD
Headshot of former AD Secretary and current Bound Customer Success Team leader, Lori Pleiness.
“What made me want to join the Bound team is the company's vision for enhancing high school activities and collective passion for customer success.”
Lori Pleiness
Bound Success Team | Former AD Asst.

Bound is a dream for ADs and coaches, as it brings everything we need all under one roof.

Edwin Weathersby

Bishop Reicher AD | Texas

If you're not a Let's Go Bound're seriously missing out!

Kelsey Rastetter

Linn-Mar AD Secretary | Iowa

I love the fact that Bound is designed by athletic directors, for athletic directors.

Jeremy Eubank

North Cross AD | Virginia

Headshot of Bishop Reicher AD, Edwin Weathersby.
Headshot of Linn-Mar AD Secretary, Kelsey Rastetter.
Headshot of North Cross AD, Jeremy Eubank.

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