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Mike Manderscheid

Activities Director, Marion High School

Easy-to-use tools build support for your program

Bound Fundraising Tools Boost Your Bottom Line

By using Bound, you can take your fundraising and sponsorship programs to new heights. As raising funds from private sources becomes more and more important for school-based athletic program, it is important to have a partner that is committed to boosting your bottom line.

Bound is that partner. While most online fundraising platforms swallow up a third or more of your raise, Bound’s fees are capped at 10%. And that’s not all. The Bound Fundraising platform offers:

  • Comprehensive sponsorship module to gain engagement from local businesses and larger individual sponsors.
  • Email/text generated campaigns allowing you to load and contact prospects in minutes.
  • The ability to run fundraisers as a school or for individual sports.
  • Easy-to-use platform making it simple for the end user to make a donation.
  • School store option allowing you to easily sell school-branded swag.
  • Fast fulfillment to ensure you have access to funds for your current season.
  • Hands-on assistance from the Bound team to help you get those most out of your campaign.

Your community wants to support its hometown team. Bound is ready to be your partner in making sure that happens.

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At Bound, we’re committed to providing comprehensive support for our partners. We understand that success is a collective effort, and that’s why we offer a range of services and resources to empower our partners in achieving their goals. From dedicated assistance with the website or app to innovative solutions for fundraising, social media and more, the Bound team has your back.

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