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Tools Tailored to Your Members

Activities departments have always played a role in generating proud vibes in school districts large and small. But now, more than ever, they are being counted on to also deliver a return on investment. Bound offers a number of tools to help boost community pride … and the bottom line. Our single source solution helps your member schools maintain pride in their program while building a better brand. Bound is noted for its ability to:

  • Take the stress out of scheduling, ticketing, facilities management, and more
  • Offer turnkey fundraising programs to ensure programs are primed for growth
  • Make tasks like athlete registration simple and consistent
  • Enable growth through tools that aid with hosting camps, clinics and tournaments
  • Allow parents easy access to schedules, scores and news about the program

We provide the technology and tools that free up the time and resources necessary to help your members build successful programs that captures the attention and admiration of their community.

Tools for Athletic Directors

If you’re searching for tools that take your program to another level, you’ve come to the right spot.

Bound offers a single-source solution providing the technology and tools that enable your Activities Department to streamline the tasks that bog you down. This frees up the time and resources necessary to build a successful program.

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Scheduling & Activities Management


Fundraising & Sponsorship

Athlete & Camp Registration

Athlete & Parent Communication

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Tournament Management

Exceed Expectations with Bound

Districts, conferences and state agencies are under growing pressure to produce when it comes to athletics. Budgets are dwindling while expectations for running high quality programs are only increasing. What would it mean to you to have a partner that increased the efficiency of your member organizations while boosting their bottom line? Bound is that partner.

Budget & Fundraising

  • No up-front fees to deploy the website, app and associated tools.
  • A single source designed specifically to bring efficiencies to activities departments.
  • Array of sponsor and advertising options in the app, on the website, on tickets, and at venues.
  • One-on-one consulting with Bound experts to assist with sponsorships and fundraising.
  • Fundraising options that include direct asks and team stores, and electronic ticketing options at significantly lower processing rates than others in the industry.


Brand & Perception

  • Automated social media tools that help you enhance community pride in your programs by sharing upcoming events, live scores, streaming options and news articles.
  • Custom website and easy-to-use FREE app that includes all pertinent information about your teams and athletes to include schedules, stats, past seasons and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management system that allows you to stay in front of your most loyal audiences and run comprehensive reports on event attendance, fundraising and more.

Visibility & Gameday Experience

  • Professionally designed brand materials including a website, the Bound app and more.
  • Cashless ticketing that allows your fans to purchase game passes in just a couple clicks.
  • Sponsor opportunities that leverage local businesses’ support of your program by making them visible throughout your venues, on your website and in the app.
  • One-on-one access to Bound consultants to help you build the kind of gameday experience that your fans and sponsors expect.

What AD’s Are Saying

“As an AD, I absolutely love Bound. They keep making great updates, definitely listen to feedback, and are definitely fan-oriented.”

— Matt Weis, West Delaware

“Our fans love the app at home and in the stands.” — Zach Clark, Central Decatur
“What an amazing ecosystem you are developing for schools, businesses and communities throughout Iowa — THANK YOU for innovating and serving in this way!” — Jill Van Houweling, Director of Annual Giving, Des Moines Christian School

Bound is Used By

500+ Schools

14,000+ Coaches

315,460+ Athletes


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Do I have to do all the work to set up my site?
No, our team will guide you through the process and can assist to make sure you get everything setup and looking good! Plus, we have a full time support team here to help.
Is it hard to keep our site updated?

Your Bound web site and app will always be updating through your coach’s normal actions of posting scores and stats and updating their Twitter feed.

Can I involve my staff or volunteers to help?

Absolutely! In fact, we want you to delegate! When we do our first call we’ll ask you who at your school can play a role in making Bound work best for you.

I’m not much a of a computer person. Can I do this?

If you can use email, you can use Bound! Plus, if you ever run into trouble, our support team is here to help. In fact, you can click the green icon on the lower right hand corner to talk to support right now.

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